Finding A Home on A Budget

You’ve saved up what you think is enough for your first home, but you don’t think you can afford anything too luxurious. So what kind of homes should you be looking for? It all depends on what your current life is like, and where you want your home to be located. If you have a busy career and your office is located in the middle of the city, you might want to find somewhere near, so you won’t have to commute. Here are a few types of homes that you’d be able to afford if you’re on a budget.

Shared living

The great thing about shared living is that you could rent a house that you think would be too expensive for you to afford alone. You can invite a few friends that you’d get along with to live together and rent a house. You’d have the whole space by yourself and split the bills. You can decorate together, and make it comfortable. If a house is too much, you can also rent an apartment with a friend. It would be budget-friendly, and you’d still make your dream of having your own place.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments are very popular among fresh graduates who had just gotten their first jobs. A lot of studio apartments are available in metropolitan cities, and they are usually located conveniently. The good apartment buildings have security and convenience stores nearby, and it shouldn’t be too hard to commute. Studio apartments don’t offer too much space, but if you’re a lazy person and doesn’t like to clean that much, then this is the perfect place for your first home. You’d have the whole place to yourself.

bedroom studio


This is the most luxurious type of all. Condominiums are like studio apartments, but bigger. However, not every condominium are insanely expensive. For example, Avia Condos offer a very good price, and the view they offer in every condo is spectacular. Consider your budget first, though, because there are rarely condominiums that are available for rent. You’d have to buy the whole place, which means you’ll have to deal with electricity bills and all the works. If you have the money, go for it. There are a lot of benefits with condos because they usually have much more facilities than regular apartments.


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