How to have a quieter home

Noise pollution is extremely distracting and annoying. You cannot concentrate on anything or even have some good sleep when there is so much noise around you. Open floor plans, lightweight construction, and machines are some of the causes of noisy homes. Fortunately, some somethings can be done to make your home soundproof so that you can enjoy some quiet and calm moments when you need them the most. They are as below:

Enhance your windows


Triple glazed or double glazed windows are very efficient when it comes to blocking sound. They contain air layers that can break passing sound, and sound energy is lost. It is a good option to consider when constructing your house in a noisy place or to make enhancements to the windows that already exist.


Reduce noisemakers

When selecting your appliances, you should keep in mind that there are models that have noisy operations and they can prevent you from having some quiet time around the house. Purchase some models that are quitter in operation so that you can enjoy some noise reduction around your house. When you are purchasing a fridge, microwave, fan, dishwasher or any other home electrical appliance, ensure that you check the noise levels. Additionally, the appliances have to be functional and in good condition at all times so as to do away with rattles, buzzing or vibrations.

Use materials that are sound absorbing

You should remember that softer surfaces are capable of absorbing sound waves while hard surfaces usually reflect them. You can utilize soft materials such as acoustic ceilings and padded carpeting to reduce sound bouncing around your house. Acoustic tiles and drop ceiling systems have excellent acoustical properties, and they should be highly considered.

Enhance your doors

Soundproofing your doors can be somewhat tricky, but you can begin by sealing edges that transmit sound. It is also imperative to install doors that block sound. Solid core doors are capable of blocking sound interference dismissing the drum-like reflections that hollow core doors produce. The doors might be a bit costly, but they play a great role in soundproofing your home, especially when you also get to weather strip them.

Take care of noisy pipes

cgfcvgvfgfcgfcfgcgfPipes can rattle and chatter or even make bangs that are very loud during various situations. One of the easiest ways to silence the pipes is making use of water hammer arrestors. There are however so many other alternative ways of making sure that the pipes do not produce any loud and annoying sounds.