All You Need to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler or Dispenser

A good water cooler is all you need to get quality water whenever you want. However, with the variety out there, finding a perfect water dispenser for home use can be hard. This article will highlight several things to note when planning to buy a water dispenser.

The difference between a water cooler and dispenser

water dispenser 2

You ought to know the difference between water coolers and dispensers before making a purchase. Ideally, both of these assets dispense water. A water dispenser can only be termed as a cooler if it can be connected to a power source. If this is not possible, your unit of choice can only dispense water without cooling.

Why you need to buy a water cooler

Different reasons compel people to have this asset at home. Majority make a purchase to ensure they meet water consumption targets. Besides this, it is convenient to have this asset as a way of ensuring you drink clean and safe water. Best of it all, it saves you the energy of running up and down to get a glass of water.

Countertop verses freestanding

Water coolers or dispensers can be either countertop or freestanding types. Countertop varieties are cheaper than freestanding models. Besides this, they have a small compressor. Thus, in this system water is moderately cold. When purchasing this model, it is essential to bear in mind where you will be using them. Regardless of whether you are using it outdoor or indoor, you must have a solid platform in place.

Temperature of dri nking water

Size, model, and technology are the major aspects influencing the temperature of the water dispensed. Thus, different dispensers have different cooling capabilities. At room temperature, water temperatures in non-electric models are almost the same. On the other hand, water coolers tend to dispense water at different temperatures. Models that have small countertops and a storage area at the bottom tend to dispense cold water when compared to their counterparts.

Features of a good water cooler or dispenser

dispenser 34A good water dispenser has several outstanding features. Your dispenser of choice should have a faucet. If it has two faucets one for cold water and another one for hot water, it should be easy to turn the power off to save on energy. Concerning material used to make the dispenser, it is advisable to go for stainless models. Other features that are of essence include safety child locks, a small nozzle, and considerable space between a drip and a faucet and a filtration system.


Most water dispensers have a water holding capacity ranging from 2-5 gallons. You should purchase a model that meets your water requirements capacity. Besides this, you should be conscious of availability of bottled water in your locality. If the water supply is not reliable, you may refill your dispenser with treated water, though this is not advisable.