Finding A Home on A Budget

You’ve saved up what you think is enough for your first home, but you don’t think you can afford anything too luxurious. So what kind of homes should you be looking for? It all depends on what your current life is like, and where you want your home to be located. If you have a busy career and your office is located in the middle of the city, you might want to find somewhere near, so you won’t have to commute. Here are a few types of homes that you’d be able to afford if you’re on a budget.

Shared living

The great thing about shared living is that you could rent a house that you think would be too expensive for you to afford alone. You can invite a few friends that you’d get along with to live together and rent a house. You’d have the whole space by yourself and split the bills. You can decorate together, and make it comfortable. If a house is too much, you can also rent an apartment with a friend. It would be budget-friendly, and you’d still make your dream of having your own place.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments are very popular among fresh graduates who had just gotten their first jobs. A lot of studio apartments are available in metropolitan cities, and they are usually located conveniently. The good apartment buildings have security and convenience stores nearby, and it shouldn’t be too hard to commute. Studio apartments don’t offer too much space, but if you’re a lazy person and doesn’t like to clean that much, then this is the perfect place for your first home. You’d have the whole place to yourself.

bedroom studio


This is the most luxurious type of all. Condominiums are like studio apartments, but bigger. However, not every condominium are insanely expensive. For example, Avia Condos offer a very good price, and the view they offer in every condo is spectacular. Consider your budget first, though, because there are rarely condominiums that are available for rent. You’d have to buy the whole place, which means you’ll have to deal with electricity bills and all the works. If you have the money, go for it. There are a lot of benefits with condos because they usually have much more facilities than regular apartments.


Why You Should Hire a Full Service Storage

When you are moving, you may be overwhelmed when you choose the whole process on your own. However, you can make the work easy by hiring a full-service storage provider who will ensure the work is done adequately. The self-service providers ensure they pack your belongings in the best way possible as they observe safety.

Similarly, they will also load your property and also ensure your belonging are stored safely until you come for them. Most people may not be aware of full storage facilities which may be around. Even those who know about the service they are still skeptical of the significance of these full-service storages. But truth be told full-service storage services from will benefit you in many ways as discussed in this article.

They are very convenient

When you are planning to move out of your home or office to move to a next one you may end up having severalvbh tasks which you will be required to do. This may be stressing and tiresome having to do all the work by yourself. However, you can get relieved these loads of work by hiring full-service storage providers. The providers will be at your disposal, and they will do the moving work as you want it done. This aspect will give you time to do other things while the movers do the moving and storage work for you. The good thing about the full-service providers is that they handle items with a lot of carefulness and so you will not worry about damages that much.

It is one stop shop

bnjtThe full-service storage providers will give you the services of moving from your house to the next by offering packaging services, loading and offloading. At the same time, this individuals will be able to offer storage services as you wait to move into a new house or office. This will suit you a lot because you will receive both services from one provider this will make relaxed because you will be sure professionals are handling your property.

They offer professional packing

As you plan to store your belongings n a storage facility all you worry about is whether you will find them as they were before storage. Full service storage provider will offer their packaging before they can store your belongings and this will ensure they are kept in shape until the time you collect them. It is therefore advisable that you ire professionals to do the packaging for you rather than doing it by yourself.…

How to decorate your house on a budget

Moving into your first apartment can be a fulfilling and exciting experience. In most instances, people desire to decorate their house and make the space their own. However, home décor can be very expensive. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to decorate your house on a budget:



A simple coat of paint can go a long way in transforming a space. Painting can make a space feel fresh, and it will also set a new tone. Paint is not that expensive to purchase. You do not have to buy designer paint, instead, choose an inexpensive paint in any color that appeals to you. If your budget is extremely tight, just paint a single accent wall or better yet, you should paint your front door.


Light up jugs and jars

This method of lighting up a space is simple and adorable. You can find a clear jar or jug or a string of lights almost everywhere. The easiest place to find jugs and jars is the thrift store. This is where you will most probably find one that is more unique. All you have to do to achieve this look is to put a string of lights, Christmas or floss, in the jar then it will light up and glow. This a fun way to light up a space with little cost.

Hang plates

This might come across as obscure, but if carried out well it can be so charming. To achieve this all that you have to do is find a collection of plates in different patterns, sizes, and even shapes and hang them on your wall. The important thing is to ensure that each and every plate complement one another. You can hang this plates on an empty wall, above a mantel or an entryway. If you shop at a thrift store, you will be able to find plates that are cheap and unique. This plates will transform your space with little effort and also cost.

Make a wall collage

fcgcghvghvghvghvhThis can be accomplished in a couple of ways and with little cost. You can get unique frames at the thrift store, and there are numerous free printouts found online. Your wall collage can include random printouts or pictures of family and friends. The amazing fact about a wall collage is that there are no guidelines to stick to. Your collage can be meaningful and organized or scattered and random. It all depends on your choice.…